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I'm Back!

Feb 04, 2024

It has been a minute! For years I used to blog, and I loved it! Unfortunately, those blogs are trapped in an old website, but some of those stories might make their way here, you never know! I believe we can be inspired when we hear another women's story. Because she made it, hasn't quit, or because your glad it wasn't you that that thing happened to! I will be sharing my stories as well as stories of amazing women that I meet. 

If you were reading my blogs back in the day, welcome back!! If you are just meeting me, Hi, I'm Barbie! I answer to Mom (to 3 boys and a bonus daughter), Mimi (to 6 grandchildren), Babe (to Richard), and Barbs (to various others). I am blessed beyond words with an amazing family and the best friends!

I am also a life coach, speaker, Founder of Brave 1, the Brave Gathering, and YML academy. After spending almost 30 years in the beauty industry, it actually makes perfect sense to me that I am still working to guide women to live their best life! My...

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