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identity Feb 04, 2024

It has been a minute! For years I used to blog, and I loved it! Unfortunately, those blogs are trapped in an old website, but some of those stories might make their way here, you never know! I believe we can be inspired when we hear another women's story. Because she made it, hasn't quit, or because your glad it wasn't you that that thing happened to! I will be sharing my stories as well as stories of amazing women that I meet. 

If you were reading my blogs back in the day, welcome back!! If you are just meeting me, Hi, I'm Barbie! I answer to Mom (to 3 boys and a bonus daughter), Mimi (to 6 grandchildren), Babe (to Richard), and Barbs (to various others). I am blessed beyond words with an amazing family and the best friends!

I am also a life coach, speaker, Founder of Brave 1, the Brave Gathering, and YML academy. After spending almost 30 years in the beauty industry, it actually makes perfect sense to me that I am still working to guide women to live their best life! My absolute favorite things, and purpose in life, is to encourage you to thrive in all areas of life and business. 

In the past few years I have been thinking a lot about midlife, maybe because I am in the latter part of it. God has really taught me to embrace the season I am in, which is very counterculture. We are surrounded by messages of anti-age; it makes it difficult to love where you are. We have so much more life to live, let's do it together.

I want to talk about all the things! Identity, wellness, purpose, and relationships. If you are talking about it, I want to talk about it!

If you are like me and excited about all that this life has to offer, please subscribe and let's journey together.


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