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Where it is time to make the second half the best half You are the hero in your story, with everything you need already within you. With our inspiration, encouragement, and direction, we'll help you tap into that inner strength and rewrite your story. Say goodbye to feeling lost and uncertain and hello to a life lived with intention, authenticity, and purpose. It's never too late for a plot twist. Join us today and discover the abundant life waiting for you.

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I’m Barbie Armenta

I am an author, speaker, coach, and the founder/visionary of Brave:1

I believed after 2 divorces that it was too late for me to have and be all that God had for me, and that He could no longer bless me with all the things that I longed for…

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"This book really sparked my interest. It was a great read- I couldn’t put it down, and was sad when it was over! I loved the Bible verses and the combination of fiction and workbook. I was amazed by their faith, their patience, and their willingness to put God first."


"I’m so glad I took Barbie's course. I learned so much about myself. I gained the courage to take steps to pursue dreams I never thought were actually possible."

Janet - Florida

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